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Warding Off Evil Ritual Kit Gift Set Manifestation Box Ritual Sage Bundle Unique Gift Idea Cleansing Witchcraft Occult Oddity Wicca

Warding Off Evil Ritual Kit Gift Set Manifestation Box Ritual Sage Bundle Unique Gift Idea Cleansing Witchcraft Occult Oddity Wicca

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With our Warding Off Evil Ritual Kit Gift Set Manifestation Box, you can cleanse your space and invite positivity. This set includes a Black Sage Bundle, 10mL Herbal Oil, 4" Selenite Wand, and Palo Santo Stick. Great for housewarming gifts, embrace the power of witchcraft, occult practices, and Wicca to ward off evil and create a harmonious environment.

The perfect ritual gift for a loved one (or even yourself) - everything you need in one box!

Experience the power of our specially crafted sage bundle, expertly designed to enhance the effectiveness of your rituals, spells, and blessings.


White sage, known for its cleansing and purification properties, has been used for centuries in smudging ceremonies to remove negative energy and promote healing. Its smoke is believed to purify the soul and rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

Selenite - is a powerful tool for removing energy blockages and elevating your spirit. Its high vibration fills your energy field with uplifting light, bringing a sense of purification and cleansing to your surroundings and everything within it.

Herbal Oil - Enhance your intentions, assist your journey, and achieve desired results with this enchanted oil designed to aid in magical practices. Indulge in the versatility of this product, as it can complement candles, talismans, amulets, puppets, or enhance the aura of the caster.

Palo Santo - This legendary "holy wood" is renowned for its alluring fragrance and reputedly restorative characteristics. For centuries, individuals have revered this sacred wood, incorporating it into ceremonies and natural remedies. This mystical wood has become highly sought-after for its multifaceted advantages, including stress reduction and spiritual purification.

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"The Mangy Monkey's Den offers traditional and specially crafted products, inspired by folklore and legend. Our ingredients have been chosen for their legendary uses, but as per federal and state laws, we make no claims for their effectiveness. Sold as curios only."
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