Collection: Haunted Dolls

Our Haunts are now shipped for free!
Welcome our Spirit and Entity companions! Every individual is unique, and these spirits/entities will move at the pace that works best for them and their connection with you. They require nothing less than the best - that means lots of love, attention, and respect. 
Discover a story like no other with this exclusive one-of-a-kind item! Immerse yourself in an enchanting experience with the potential to yield a special connection with a new friend. Await the delightful surprises that are sure to arise with just a bit of patience.
Our limited edition dolls are perfect for any paranormal enthusiast. Each doll has been carefully collected from homes with unusual activity or readings with ghost balls, EMF, or Spirit Talker. Get a unique piece now before it's gone!
This spirit vessel is designed for entertainment purposes only. Featuring high-quality materials and craftsmanship, you can be sure the product will last. There is no guarantee of a spirit bonding or communicating with you, so it should be used as an entertaining piece.
They may have their fair share of "flaws," but that's part of their charmingly spooky story! (But, no promises on perfect condition here!)
This uniquely-crafted doll isn't a plaything and not intended for children --

it's a serious spooky statement! (But you still gotta read the fine print: Returns not allowed under any circumstances, unless the item's waaaay off from what was advertised.)