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Rose Quartz Rough Natural Stones 5 oz Healing Love & Harmony Psychic Powers Charka Crafting Rose Chunks

Rose Quartz Rough Natural Stones 5 oz Healing Love & Harmony Psychic Powers Charka Crafting Rose Chunks

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Natural Rough Rose Quartz, size between about 1" to 2" Sold in 5oz sizes.

The stone will deter negative energy and restore love energy in its place.

The Pink Quartz Stone Properties is a healing mineral with deep connection to love and light. Did you know that smoky quartz is grounding while rose quartz can be used to improve self-love?

The Pink quartz crystal properties is a heart chakra stone it is used to promote self-love & abundance for all. It is used for bringing about unconditional love & harmony in relationships, vibrant health & wellbeing, spiritual awareness, nurturing physical relationships, deep emotional bonds. It encourages a positive outlook towards life and brings peace by finding common ground with others. It has a gentle but powerful energy that excites the heart chakra and builds self-worth & inner confidence. It helps create loving feelings of acceptance in relationships giving a harmonious way to dealing with relationship issues and balance yourself. The pink quartz also promotes healing of past traumas & enhances the ability to forgive. Many use the Rose quartz as part of their spiritual journey because it can help bring peace, love & joy into your life and aid your connection with the higher realms. The stone is thought to enhance psychic powers by encouraging the third eye chakra, allowing for clearer communication between you & your guides or guardian angels making their advice easier to understand.

Pink quartz crystal properties are mainly about love. It is not just for romantic love, but also about self-love.

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