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Orange Calcite Rough Natural Stones 5 oz Healing Powers Charka Gems Cleansing Crafting Jewelry

Orange Calcite Rough Natural Stones 5 oz Healing Powers Charka Gems Cleansing Crafting Jewelry

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Natural Rough Orange Calcite, size between about .75" - 1" Sold in 5oz sizes.

Orange calcite is commonly used to cleanse and energize our lower chakras. It emits gentle energy that is capable of cleansing our energies, revitalizing and enabling them to be distributed over their main passageways within our bodies. Thanks to the stone’s helpful vibrations, you can actually improve the energies that are responsible for your health and overall life force.

Aside from helping our body heal physically, the stone is also capable of helping us mentally and emotionally. Within the presence of orange calcite, you will feel that your emotions are balanced, you will persevere more, and the negative energies that affect your emotional health as a whole will finally be driven away. Some even claim that with the help of orange calcite, they are able to surpass all their problems and push themselves into reaching their full potential. The stone can also bring harmony and balance to sexual energies, and it can boost your intuitive abilities which can improve your overall state of mind.

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