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Meet Morgan Lynn 12" Haunted Porcelain Doll with Doctors Plague Mask Spirt Doll

Meet Morgan Lynn 12" Haunted Porcelain Doll with Doctors Plague Mask Spirt Doll

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If you are considering “adopting” a spirit doll, please remember that they deserve nothing but the utmost care and respect. They are to be treated with the same care and compassion that you would give your own family.
Please note that every spirit/entity moves at their own pace. They may show activity when they are in route to you, on the first day, a week later, or even months later. There is no set time they are each unique just as we are. It is solely up to them & their connection with you!

This story is for entertainment purposes only, you are purchasing a tangible item. I cannot guarantee that you will experience anything that I experience. She may take a while to adjust to you and her new surroundings, so please be patient with her. She may not reveal herself to you at first, or at all.

Morgan Lynn's vessel is 12" tall and is wearing a dress & her trusty plague mask. (nothing else)


With all vintage/used items it may/will have some signs of wear and tear, you are buying as is.

Disc may have minor surface starches, but nothing that will affect product play.

Please, study photos and ask questions, they are part of the description. Some items have been purchased second hand so I cannot be sure if they are from a smoke/pet free home. We do wash and dry all clothing before we package them. Thank you.

Terms and Conditions:

⦁ Returns will not be accepted on items sold AS IS.

⦁ Returns will ONLY be accepted if an item is GROSSLY misrepresented.
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