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Elsie the Haunted Windup Musical Doll

Elsie the Haunted Windup Musical Doll

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Meet Elsie! 

Age: Roughly 19 

Sex: Female 

Temperament: Friendly 

Elsie is a very confused young woman, she is very lively at times, but also a quiet old soul. She brings a calming energy with her and brightens up any room she’s in. She’s very friendly and gets along with other children (living or spirit). Elsie is claustrophobic and hates dark places, this is most likely due the manner of how she passed away. Her activity is usually area-based meaning that most of her out of vessel activity is stationed in or around the room her vessel is in. 

Usually, you can tell if a spirit doll is for you when: 
If you feel a strong pull or urge to read the spirits doll’s description and scroll through their photos. This usually means that spirit is connecting with you and your energy. 
If you are considering “adopting” a spirit doll, please remember that they deserve nothing but the utmost care and respect. They are to be treated with the same care and compassion that you would give your own family. 
Please note that every spirit/entity moves at their own pace. They may show activity when they are in route to you, on the first day, a week later, or even months later. There is no set time they are each unique just as we are. It is solely up to them & their connection with you! 


Elsie's host measures 9.5 H x 7.5 W and is made of porcelain. She is a windup musical doll. 

Per policy, I must state that I am not to be held responsible for any paranormal occurrences that may or may not happen. It is solely up to them & their connection with you! You must be 18 years old to purchase. Item sold as-is. These items should never be used in replace of any medical needs. You are buying a tangible item. 

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