Collection: Resin & Epoxy Lazy Susan's, Trinkets & More

These beautiful lazy susan's are all hand-crafted. 
All resign items are made by hand pouring resin, dyes, and glitter. They then go through a 48-hour dry and cure process. Finally, we put on the finishing touches. Each piece is unique in color and style, so no two are the same, different color degrees, glitter or designs.

*Please note: These pieces are made with a wood base and coated with epoxy. Both materials are NOT sustainable for prolonged outdoor use. Exposure to heat, humidity, and moisture can cause both wood and epoxy materials to warp and lose their correct shape. When not in use, please store inside in a cool, dry environment. Please do not use your resin art as a cutting board. While these pieces are scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof. A full care instruction card will be provided with your order.